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JustHost Review – Is JustHost really Best Hosting Company?

Since 1998, JustHost has remained in the web hosting industry. It offers consistent and quick hosting services at reasonable rates among all the web hosts. JustHost has achieved numerous awards for their best services such as Best Features 2009, Best Hosting Pick 2010 and Host of the Year 2010.

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It offers customers with their individual free domain or can transmit a domain free. A cPanel account which authorizes handling all sites from one place on one server also has an opportunity to host an infinite number of domains. In accordance with JustHost, the features of web hosting are directly incorporated with a customer control panel and enable it to work and enhance a website.
As a result, it offers you the additional user-friendly services such as template designs, application installs and many more.


Among the whole web hosting service contributors in the United States, JustHost web hosting acquires 3rd rank and it is one of the top web service contributors in 2011. Different customers have different requirements when in search of a web hosting supplier. Nearly all of the consumers will need a supplier that is consistent, can give a customer support of 24/7 days and is inexpensive. Just Host has provided all these 3 features which are the best 3 things that each and every one tries to find in a web hosting program.

JustHost is quite new in the business as compared to other hosting website suppliers, and they just began functioning in 2008 only. Globally JustHost has 3 headquarters such as in Australia, in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Their main workplace is situated in London and even if they are merely 3 years old, they have branched out very quickly. Just identical to all the additional web hosting suppliers, they set off as a new entrant. In fact, they have achieved so much in such a short period of time so that they situated JustHost at a distance from the others in any manner. This brief review on JustHost will clearly tell you accurately why JustHost is worth purchasing.

Plans and Price:

JustHost features having two plans according to their clients’ requirement they can choose from. Both the plans such as Just Plan Premium, Just Plan are wonderful and reliable. Both of them have identical features such as infinite bandwidth and disk space etc., but the dissimilarities are placed in the number of free for life domains that you’ll be receiving.
According to the Just Plan, you will just receive one free for life domain, but as per the Just Plan Premium, you will acquire three free for life domains. For corporations desiring to set forth their business and construct their own websites, the charges are given below:

You can get Just Plan for 24 months in only $4.45 per month and Just Plan Premium for 24 months in only $6.95 per month.
You can acquire 3 free for life domains by paying only a small number of additional bucks per month.


JustHost has the only features that one of the small number of web hosting suppliers which is the anytime money in return guarantee feature. Most of the web hosting contributors would provide their customers a 30 until 90 days of trial period, and when the trial period has ended you may not acquire a repayment just in case you are not pleased with JustHost.
In JustHost you can either acquire a prorated or even a full repay after you stop your account or do your subscription anytime. Just similar to any JustHost review out there, I will say that this warranty feature is actually vital to any clients, and may be the cause why JustHost is so popular.


On the side from the domain for life characteristics involved upon buying of Just Host, there are also additional features that JustHost web hosting show off. JustHost is also familiar with for its assurance of 99.9% up-time, which a vow is made by only a small number of web hosting services. Observe how notable this is? With merely a small number of moneys to shed on a monthly source you obtain a money back guarantee as well as a 99.9% up-time. Purchasers will absolutely get the most further than their money when buying Just Host.

Most Attractive feature is like by paying $4.45 per month Just Host provides a “no questions asked” anytime money-back warranty with all our hosting ideas. Their termination policy is very easy i.e. if you want to cancel your hosting account, you have to provide a repay for the rest of the term.

Least Attractive feature includes Just Host never provides Windows hosting, but has one of the top Linux hosting presents around. This isn’t a big contract as most of the websites on the internet operates on Linux servers at any rate.

Support and Help:

With extraordinary features comes incredible customer service. JustHost also provides a 24x7x365 technical support service available by live chat, phone, or email. This is the major feature that you search for in a web hosting program, the user-friendliness. As an initial timer when it comes to life having business websites, clients have very insufficiently idea about the practical sides of this, and the help counter or consumer service center will be of enormous help to customers and to others who are not so professional. Additional JustHost reviews have also promised on the usefulness of Just Host client support.


By reviewing the JustHost plans you will enable to know that it is very easy. JustHost ensure that you acquire the most further than what you give, and that you don’t bump into annoyances of obtaining your website up. The plan involves features such as video tutorials and 1 click installers which will familiarize you and teach you how to know about things.
The only downside to JustHost is that it is only a small number of years old, and only very few customer reviews have raised making it tough for people to determine whether or not it is worth it to purchase Just Host or not.

Hope this article will help you to understand why JustHost better to purchase than other brand of web hosts which stay for longer period in the market.

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We receive compensation from Hosting companies that we send referrals to, but this does not influence our ratings. The reviews mentioned here are honest and based on our personal experience with the web hosting provider.


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